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STOL CH 701 Drawings & Manuals
STOL CH 701 Drawings and Manuals (sample only)

Supplied with the complete STOL CH 701 kit, the drawings are not just assembly instructions (as with most kits), but are detailed 11" x 17" CAD blueprints of the entire airframe assembly and individual parts, and come with an assembly manual. 

Photo Assembly Guides The STOL CH 701 Drawings & Manuals package includes a CD-ROM with high-resolution
Photo Assembly Guides for the step-by-step assembly of the STOL CH 701 kit.

Supplied with a serial number, you can actually build your own aircraft from "scratch" following the Drawings and Manuals.  Scratch-builders can purchase any individual parts or components directly from Zenith Aircraft Company.  If purchased separately, the cost of the drawings and manuals is deductible off the cost of the full kit.

"Zenith is one of the few kit makers that still offers a plans-only option; the company supplies complete kits...
  but it will also sell sub-kits, individual parts, or just the plans and builder's manual."
- KITPLANES magazine: "The Scratch-Building Alternative" July 2008

Following are some selected sample CAD drawings from the STOL CH 701 drawings. These are sample drawings only and are for informational and educational purposes only.

Forward Fuselage Exploded View 7-F-00 pdf image dwf
Rear Fuselage Exploded View 7-F-0 pdf image dwf
Rear Fuselage 7-F-6 pdf image  
Forward Fuselage - Floor 7-F-10 pdf image  
Forward Fuselage - Details 7-F-12 pdf image  
Windshield and Doors 7-F-19 pdf image  
Horizontal Tail Sections 7-H-0 pdf image dwf
Landing Gear 7-L-0 pdf image dwf
Leading Edge Wing Slats 7-S-0 pdf image dwf
Wing Assembly Overview 7-V-0 pdf image dwf
Wing Ribs (scratch-building) 7-V-1 pdf image dwf
Wing Skeleton Assembly 7-V-6 pdf image  
Wing Struts 7-V-10 pdf image dwf
Wing Fuel Tanks 7-V-11 pdf image dwf
Navigation/Strobe Lights 7-V-12 pdf image dwf
Controls Assemblies 7-C-0 pdf image dwf
Schematic Views of the STOL CH 701: B&W line art | Color
  • Click here for information on purchasing the STOL CH 701 Drawings and Manuals.
  • Current Builders: Click here to update your existing drawings.
Sample Photo Assembly Guides (these are low resolution for quicker downloads)
The STOL CH 701 Drawings & Manuals package includes a CD-ROM with high-resolution Photo Assembly Guides for the assembly of the STOL CH 701 kit.
913 kb
Rudder Tail Assembly: Skeleton Assembly: 1 of 2
291 kb
Horizontal Tail Assembly: Stabilizer: 1 of 2
220 kb
Horizontal Tail Assembly: Stabilizer: 2 of 2
268 kb
Horizontal Tail Assembly: Elevator: 1 of 2
225 kb
Horizontal Tail Assembly: Elevator: 2 of 2
WINGS - Section V
269 kb
Wing Assembly - Internal Structure
251 kb
Wing Assembly - Internal Structure
CONSTRUCTION PHOTOS - Click here for the photos.

Also available to builders are useful step-by-step video guides, available on DVD, that visually lead you through the construction of your STOL CH 701 kit aircraft:

STOL CH 701: Step-by-step instructional videos

Independently produced by an experienced STOL CH 701 builder, these videos (and more titles) from are recommended time-savers to existing builders, and are an excellent resource to those considering to build their own airplane. also offers other useful and informative titles.

Introduction to "Sctatch-Building" (building from blue-prints only)

The Scratch Building Basics DVD covers many of the basic skills and tools you'll need to affordably build your own airframe from drawings only.

Other Related Resources:

"[Chris Heintz] designs have earned an excellent reputation among pilots, builders, and aviation authorities for their durable all-metal construction, normal flight characteristics, reliability, and low maintenance."
     - EAA Sport Aviation magazine

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Zenith Aircraft Company
1881 Airport Road, Mexico Memorial Airport
Mexico, Missouri, 65265  USA.
Tel: 573-581-9000 (Mon - Fri, 8-5 Central),
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