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Photo Galleries

See some of the hundreds of completed
STOL CH 701 aircraft from around the world...


Photo Galleries

Hundreds of flying ZODIAC aircraft
from around the world...

ZODIAC Photo Galleries

Latest News & Updates

Visit Zenith's Facebook page page for the latest news and updates, and also visit Zenith.Aero - the website for active Zenith builders and owners from around the world.
Video Clips
from around the World
Exciting flying home video clips from builders and pilots from around the world can be viewed on video sharing websites, such as YouTube.
STOL CH 701 take off video clip
Building and Flying
in Africa
WAASPS builds and operates airplanes in Western Africa
Patricia with the STOL CH 701 on the cover of "99 News," the official magazine of the International Organization of Women Pilots (Oct. Nov. Dec. 2011 issue)

"This amazing woman is setting a new level for firsts, including the first woman to obtain Ghana’s National Pilots License... She is now teaching, engineering, flying, doing photo-video missions, training, conversion flights and check rides"

The president of Ecuador, South America, inspects a STOL CH 801 built in Ecuador for missionaries by I-Tec (Indigenous People's Technology and Education Center) headed by Steve Saint.

STOL CH 701 and 801 aircraft, assembled in Ecuador, are used in South America by missionaries and humanitarian organizations.

Web Link
On October 15, 2008, Barrington Irving took off in a Zodiac plane built entirely by Miami high school students.
Barrington Irving flight...

Barrington Irving is the youngest person and first pilot of African descent on record to fly solo around the world. Read more and watch report from MSNBC.

"Zenair News"
From the November / December 2008 issue of the
Zenair News: Guy Kane's STOL CH 701 from New Caledonia
STOL CH 701 on ship

In September and October 2008, Guy Kane and his plane took part in the "Lapérouse Expedition," a major French expedition to research the 18th century explorer Lapérouse's mysterious shipwreck in the south Pacific. See video clip

Scenes from
Zenith Aircraft Company's
17th annual OPEN HANGAR DAY and Fly-In Gathering (2008)
Open Hangar Day
Building and Flying
in Africa
WAASPS builds and operates airplanes in Western Africa
WAASPS - Ghana  
Builders' Report: 
Pictorial report on attending Zenith Aircraft's hands-on factory workshop.
Factory Workshop 
Web Link:
A Tale of Two Zodiacs
: How two brothers built two planes in four months...
A Tale of Two Zodiacs: How two brothers built two planes in four months...
Scenes from
Zenith Aircraft Company's
16th annual OPEN HANGAR DAY and Fly-In Gathering (2007)
Open Hangar Day 2007
SkyJeep Update
The Kibidula Farm Institute flies the STOL CH 701 in Tanzania (East Africa)
Kibidula Farm Institute of Tanzania and their Sky Jeep STOL CH 701
Photo Gallery
Flying the STOL CH 701 and
STOL CH 801 to sun'n Fun 2008
Mexico, MO to Lakeland, FL route
Builders in Brasil
Hands-on scratch-building
workshop in Brazil

The brazil workshop
National Geographic magazine used a STOL CH 701 in Chad's Zakouma National Park (Africa) to photograph massive elephant herd movements, featured in the March 2007 issue of the magazine.
National Geographic magazine, March 2007, page 156
  • Click here for the National Geographic story
  • Click here for more info on the STOL CH 701 used for anti-poaching in Africa.
Web Link
Light Sport Adventure: Christopher Desmond flies his STOL CH701 to Copperstate from Northern California
San Francisco to Copperstate

Missionary pilot Mike Dawson
and his STOL CH 801
in the Amazon jungle
need your help

Missionary pilot Mike Dawson and the STOL CH 801       View

Flying on Skis
in Alaska

STOL CH 701: Flying on Skis in Alaska

Three Wheelin' with the 
STOL CH 701 on a rocky river bed

Extreme STOL
Glider Towing
with the ZODIAC

Web Link:
Sport Pilot in a Week
Popular Mechanics magazine Air Challenge
: Davin Coburn successfully completes a sport pilot license in a week.

FAA Examiner Michael Price (right) hands Davin Coburn a Temporary Airman Certificate following my check ride.

Flight training in the Caribbean
(in a ZODIAC!)

Flight training in the Caribbean
Web Link
Students and  mentors scratch build
STOL CH 701 project (update)
Students and  mentors build a CH701
Web Link
Cross-country photos:  Paul Reinders ferried a ZODIAC XL Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) from California to Georgia

Click here to view the photos
canyon.jpg (20376 bytes)"The area ahead of me encompassed some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the world..."

Scale RC models of Zenith kits:

RC Kit Model  STOL CH 701 and 801 Scale R/C Models

ZODIAC XL builder/pilot Alex Roca delivers relief supplies to Hurricane Katrina evacuees with his airplane

Alex Roca and his ZODIAC XL

The April 2006 issue of Voice of the Martyrs newsletter reports on a missionary's use of a STOL CH 701 in South America to reach "areas that cannot be reached by foot or boat." 

      VOM-USA, Voice of the Martyrs, Inc. April, 2006

Web Link:
Oshkosh 2005 Splash-In

The Zetterlind's share great photos of their trip to the EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh) fly-in with the STOL CH 701 Amphibian.

      2005 Oshkosh Trip
Photograph courtesy of Sarah Zetterlind's McIntosh Studio copyright 2005

Zodiac Flight
to Tunisia and Libya
(from Switzerland)

Desert flight in Libya   str-liby12.jpg (62818 bytes)

Builder Story:
"Tim Garrett designs military fighter planes by day and is building his own airplane in the basement of his home by night, all while battling multiple sclerosis."

Tim Garrett. Photo by Dave Higdon

STOL CH 701:
Flying Cross Country
in Australia

brook5.jpg (48887 bytes)

Flying the Swiss Alps
with the


Mountain Flying
In New Zealand

zot6.jpg (50670 bytes)

ZODIAC XL wins the
2003 Piccola Schneider
Cup Trophy

schn03-e.jpg (62194 bytes)

Web Link:
Colorado Aerial Views

Hanglider Towing With The

Twin Brothers
Build Twin Planes

brook-bros.jpg (40708 bytes)

News Clippings:
Learning to Fly
in India

5433.jpg (21927 bytes)

Web Link:
Transcontinental Flight
in the STOL CH 701
(India - USA)


A Plane for
All Seasons


Flying the STOL CH 701
in Greece

gr23.jpg (67594 bytes)
YouTube video clip:
Teenager Sabrina builds and flies her own airplane (Zodiac XL)
Video Clip

Web Link:
Flying the STOL CH 701
in Sweden

Some great off-airport photos!

Malaysian pilot flies first experimental aircraft across South China Sea

Zodiac CH 601
Malaysians fly two Zodiacs around Asean countries
Flight around Asean countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
Builder Projects
Links to dozens of personal Builder Project Websites (including live web cams)
Yellow Amphibians
Flying the STOL CH 701 and ZODIAC CH 601 on amphib floats
Article Reprint
Building a ZODIAC
Extreme Flights
Mountain Flying in the French Alps with the STOL CH 701
Aviation Education
Michigan high school
students build airplane
Search & Rescue

ZODIAC XL Wins the 2001 Schneider Cup trophy

ZODIAC Amphibian wins 1999 Schneider Cup seaplane race in Italy Schneider Cup Winner   
Two ZODIACs explore the Scandanavian Fjords
Photo Gallery
STOL CH 701 Amphibian on the Italian Riviera
Photo Gallery
Hundreds of pics of STOL CH 701 aircraft around the world
Web Link
Mid-West Engines (UK) flies their ZODIAC equipped with a Wankel rotary across Europe.
ZODIAC in Europe...
Article Reprint
18 year old soloes in ZODIAC
Article: Missionary Flying
'Giving Wings to the Word'
Mountain flying with the STOL CH 701 in the European Alps
STOL CH 701: Mountain flying in the European Alps
Aviation Education
Project Schoolflight wins Excellence in Teaching award.
Project Schoolflight
Extreme Flight:
Flying the STOL CH 701 on the sub-Sahara desert
Project Schoolflight:
Students and  mentors 'assemble' STOL CH 701 (update)
Students and  mentors 'assemble' STOL CH 701
ZODIAC fly-in gathering
in Germany
ZODIAC fly-in gathering in Germany
From the book
"24 Hrs in Cyberspace":
STOL CH 701 'Sky Jeep' in rural Tanzania

[ Buy the book ]

24 hours in cyberspace

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