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You've dreamed of owning and building your own aircraft: The new SAM Aircraft is the answer to your dreams - offering you outstanding performance, great capabilities, versatility, comfort, and, best of all, the new SAM Aircraft is an affordable all-metal kit aircraft you can build yourself with basic skills and tools.

Zenith Aircraft Company is a leader in the kit aircraft manufacturing industry, bringing more than twenty five years experience manufacturing quality aircraft kits for both first-time builders and demanding sport pilots. With this invaluable experience, Zenith Aircraft provides builders with award-winning kits, reducing your risks in purchasing a kit aircraft, and assuring the builder of ongoing and direct factory service and support.

The high quality of the SAM Aircraft design and kit assures you that this is one project you'll be proud to own and fly for many years.

Building your own aircraft is going to be one of the most challenging and rewarding undertakings you'll ever accomplish: imagine, you'll be enjoying the thrills of flying an aircraft that you've built yourself! Few people get to experience the sensation and freedom of flying. Even fewer are also rewarded by flying an airplane that they've built themselves. The SAM Aircraft, manufactured and supported by Zenith Aircraft Company, will help you realize your dreams like no other kit aircraft!

Zenith Aircraft Company has made it easy for you to get in the pilot's seat of your own SAM Aircraft.

 Airframe Kit + Finishing Kit
The SAM airframe kit comes with all kit parts to build the airframe: The kit includes the factory riveted wing spars, pre-formed sheet-metal parts (ribs, skins, etc.), factory-welded parts, standard fuel system (dual wing tanks), controls, and hardware required for assembly of the airframe. Skins and most parts are supplied CNC pre-cut and final hole size match-drilled! The Kit includes the detailed assembly manuals.
The Finishing Kit includes the items to complete the aircraft, including the landing gear, wheels with hydraulic disk brakes, the canopy system, seats and seat belts, electric flaps and trim motors, hardware, and more.
Not included: firewall-forward powerplant and instruments packages, paint, and upholstery. Crating and shipping charges are extra.
SAM Aircraft - SAM-EX Airframe Kit:


SAM Aircraft - SAM-EX Finishing Kit:


 Quick Build Kit
The Quick Build Kit (QBK) for the new SAM Aircraft includes factory pre-assembly of the fuselage section, dramatically shortening the time it will take to build your own SAM Aircraft.
NOTE: The fuselage QBK is initially being offered before availability of the standard fuselage kit as we finalize the assembly instructions and final finishing of the kit.
SAM-EX "Quick Build Kit" Fuselage Assembly (Additional price):

+$ 8,450.00

You may choose to purchase sections of the complete kit to 'buy-as-you-build' (instead of ordering the complete airframe kit as a single package).
   WINGS KIT $6,990.00
   TAIL KIT 1,995.00
   FUSELAGE KIT (standard kit) 8,975.00
   CONTROLS KIT 1,985.00
   FUEL SYSTEM KIT (order with the Wings Kit) 1,675.00
FINISHING KIT (see above details) 6,490.00
Thanks to the long list of standard equipment included in the kit, there are few additional options needed or recommended. Most options are available as a retrofit.
Steerable nosewheel in easier-to-handle tricycle landing gear configuration.
available soon


New thinner fiberglass wheel fairings increase aerodynamics, and give the SAM Aircraft a sleeker look. Retrofit.
available soon


AeroLED: Pair of wingtip mounted three-in-one combination navigation / strobe and position lights (includes mounting hardware and wiring).  Available as retrofit. Click here for details
AeroLED: Super-bright landing light mounts inside the wing leading edge slat. Available as retrofit.  Order two (02) for wig-wag capability. Click here for details
This is an attractive upholstery kit, as installed in the Zenith factory demonstrator aircraft; Grey. 
Purchase individual tools from our Online Kit Store (such as drill bits or Cleco temporary fasteners) or the Complete Took Kit in one box.  
Instrument Panel and Avionics:  
Dynon, Garmin and more
We now stock most items to help builders complete their own custom panel, including Dynon and Garmin systems, as well as the power distribution panel and Approach Systems "plug'n play" harnesses and hub. Details. Sample Panel Layouts.
  • Call for details
Zenith Aircraft Co. plans on making available a number of complete firewall-forward engine packages for the SAM Aircraft, including the firewall-forward kit for the Lycoming O-320 engine.
Kit prices do not include any crating, handling or shipping costs. The following crating and handling charges apply for kit and component kit orders. Due to the size and weight of the kits, all kit orders are usually shipped by surface freight (truck). All shipping charges are collect (F.O.B. Factory). There are no crating charges for factory pick-ups: click here for details.
  • Click here for shipping details and to obtain a shipping quote.
Complete Kit (Airframe + Finishing Kit) - Domestic:
One Box, approx. 13.5' x 48" x 30", 820 lbs.
Complete Kit - International:
(Airframe + Finishing Kit)
One Box, approx. 13.5' x 48" x 30", 850 lbs.
One Box, approx. 4.12 m. x 1.2 m. x .76 m., 385 kg.
Component Kits Crating Charge:
     AIRFRAME KIT: One Box, approx. 13.5' x 48" x 23" 525.00
     FINISHING KIT: One Box, approx. 8.7' x 48" x 24" 215.00
     WINGS KIT 245.00
     TAIL KIT 175.00
     FUSELAGE KIT 450.00

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Additional Information:

Prices in U.S. funds. All prices, equipment and availability subject to change without prior notice. Prices do not include crating or shipping charges (FOB Factory). Update: 21 July, 2016






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