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Last Update: January 08, 2014


Following are updates and supplemental information for building your ZODIAC kit aircraft. The following is published to supplement (and not replace) the drawings and manuals. If a discrepancy arises between information made available below and the Drawings, the Drawings always take precedence, unless specifically noted.

These documents are presented in the Adobe Acrobat pdf file format for online viewing and printing. If you do not have the free Adobe Reader software installed on your system, click here to download a copy.

  • Click here for important Notices and Other Building and Flying Information for the ZODIAC CH 601 HD/HDS.
  • Click here for ZODIAC XL Online Manuals

ZODIAC CH 601 HD / HDS/ UL Revision Update
5th-2nd rev
5th Edition Drawings: Summary of Revisions from 09/2003 to 08/2004, incorporated in current drawings. 5th ed.
2nd rev.
5th-1st print
31 kb
5th Edition Drawings: Summary of Revisions from 06/02 to 09/03 incorporated in the 5th edition drawings. 5th ed.
1st print

Click here to order an updated copy of the latest ZODIAC CH 601 HD drawings for just $50.00 (Add $15.00 for overseas Air Mail shipping).

Assembly Manuals:
279 kb, pdf
Introduction to building the rudder starter kit - 18 pages 10/02 11/6/02
CS Construction Standards for Zenair Light Airplanes Draft 1/07
Construction Manual Construction Manual - Introduction 10/02  
  Rudder Assembly Manual - see ZODIAC XL manual    
  Stabilizer Tail Assembly Manual - see ZODIAC XL manual    
  Elevator Tail Assembly Manual - see ZODIAC XL manual    
Rear Fuselage
738 kb
Rear Fuselage Assembly - 17 pages 8/01 10/25/01
Center Wing
51 kb
Center Wing Section Assembly - 16 pages 8/01 10/25/01
319 kb
Firewall / Nosegear Rib Assembly - 18 pages 8/01 10/25/01
1.14 mb
Forward Fuselage Sides & Rear Top Skins - 35 pages 1/01 10/25/01
667 kb
CH 601 HDS Wings Assembly - 25 pages  10/01 10/25/01
301 kb
CH 601 Series Canopy Installation (side hinging) - 13 pages  2/99 10/25/01
Seq Man ZODIAC CH 601 Building Sequence Manual: A step-by-step supplement manual (draft) on building your ZODIAC. This is an older text only sequence manual. 1/98 1/98
Other Documents and Drawings:
47 kb
Cabin Air Vents - Drawing 6-B-22 11/00 11/22/00
181 kb
Leading Edge Fuel Tanks for the Super ZODIAC CH 601 HDS - 8 pages 3/00 3/31/00
Elevator Trim
465 kb
Recessed Electric Elevator Trim Drawings - 5 pages 12/98 12/24/98
220 kb
Gear Assembly, Wheels & Brakes - 6 pages 11/99 2/22/00
24 kb
Weight & Balance Report - CH 601 HD Tricycle 8/02 8/02
24 kb
Weight & Balance Report - CH 601 HDS Tricycle 3/98 3/98
11 kb
Airspeed Markings and Limitations - CH 601 HD 10/04 10/04
11 kb
Airspeed Markings and Limitations - CH 601 HDS 11/03 11/03


Building Videos from HomeBuiltHELP.com
Produced by an actual builder, the DVDs provide practical hands-on information:
Metalworking 101 | Weight & Balance101 | Scratch-Building Basics | Rotax 912 Installation | Electrical Wiring101 | How to License your Homebuilt


Recommended reading...      Recommended Reading and building and piloting reference materials specifically for builders, from KitplanesBooks.com, including logbooks, EAA's "Amateur-Built Certification Kit" with decals, forms, and more...      "EAA Certification Kit"

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