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STOL CH 750 - X-Plane Flight Simulator

New:  Download the STOL CH 750 X-Plane project (requires X-Plane 9.60+ flight simulator program)

3/2012: We're developing new X-Plane 10 flight simulator files for Zenith planes, including the new Zenith CH 650 cruiser.  We'll post the files here when available.

X-Plane Flight Simulator Files

Older Microsoft FlightSimulator Files: 

Fly the ZODIAC from your PC!

Download the following free FlightSim aircraft files for Microsoft Flight Simulator.  
The files are provided in compressed "zip" format. Needless to say, the simulated versions of the Zodiac aircraft may not be representative of actually flying the real thing - and we're not responsible for accidents! (Note: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002/2004 is required to run these aircraft files - these files are not a standalone flight simulator).

Required File: The following file is required for all Zodiac models File size
Zodiac Instruments  - necessary for instruments on the Zodiac panel 311 kb
Aircraft Configurations & Paint Schemes:  
ZODIAC XL, tricycle landing gear Includes front-opening canopy - which uses the spoiler key (that's the backslash "/" key) to open and shut the canopy. 733 kb
ZODIAC XL, taildragger 636 kb
Zodiac CH 601 HDS, tricycle landing gear 679 kb
Zodiac CH 601 HD, tricycle landing gear 1016 kb
Zodiac CH 601 HD on Amphibious Floats 899 kb
Zodiac CH 601 HDS, taildragger 676 kb
Zodiac CH 601 HD, taildragger 439 kb

New Screen Shots:
Click on thumbnail image for larger screen shot.

flightsim-hds-td.jpg (32899 bytes)
flightsim-xl.jpg (25238 bytes)
flightsim-xl1.jpg (34746 bytes)
flightsim-hdtri.jpg (30297 bytes)
flightsim-hd-fr.jpg (16415 bytes)
flightsim-hds-tri.jpg (27245 bytes)
flightsim-xl-fl.jpg (34484 bytes)
flightsim-xl-td.jpg (19289 bytes)

These aircraft files are from Zodiac builder Paul Hartl.

Zodiac XL - X-Plane simulator
Screen shot of a simulated model from 3pointaircraft.com of the Zodiac XL for x-plane flight simulator.


  • Click here for Flight Sim 2002 files
  • Click here for additional Flight Simulator files (of other Zenith Aircraft models and some earlier versions of Flight Sim):


EAA Sport Pilot magazine:
MS FlightSim aircraft files for the ZODIAC XL, as reviewed in the June 2006 issue of Sport Pilot magazine
Use the ZODIAC XL FlightSim aircraft files to train for your checkride... as reviewed in the June 2006 issue of Sport Pilot magazine.

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