An Article Series by Ron Alexander

We're very pleased to present this series of articles on aircraft construction by Ron Alexander.  Ron has been flying since the age of 16; he flew for the Air Force for five years (including one year in Vietnam) and started flying for Delta Airlines in 1969, where he now pilots the Boeing 767.  He currently owns a J-3 Cub, C-3B Stearman, and a Beech 18. Ron started restoring antique airplanes in the early 1970's and could not find parts so he founded the Alexander Aeroplane Company which he operated for 17 years.  He sold the company to Aircraft Spruce and Specialty in 1995 so that he could focus his efforts on providing education within the sport aviation industry.

Ron Alexander is president of SportAir, a company dedicated to education within the sport aviation industry. SportAir is an independent company devoted to presenting builders' workshops around the country, co-sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association.  


Article 1 Rules & Regulations of Airplane Building
Article 2 Where Do I Begin?
Article 3 Painting...Solving the Mystery, Part 1
Article 4 Painting...Solving the Mystery, Part 2
Article 5 Aircraft Hardware - What You Need to Know
Article 6 Electrical Systems Simplified, Part 1
Article 7 Electrical Systems Simplified, Part 2


These articles were first published in EAA Sport Aviation, the official publication of the Experimental Aircraft Association.  

These articles represent the viewpoints of the author, and not necessarily those of Zenith Aircraft Company.

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Zenith Aircraft Company: 2006-03-21