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Use this form to retrieve an aerial photo of any location in the U.S.
Provide any Latitude/Longitude within the US. Must be in decimal format. Areas outside the US are not covered. (The default example below will show Mexico Memorial Airport (MYJ), home of Zenith Aircraft Co.)

  • Latitude:                                    (defines image center)
  • Longitude:                                   (defines image center)
  • Scale (meters/pixel): 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 (Higher=broader area, less detail)
  • Width:                                              (image width in pixels, max 2000)
  • Height:                                             (image height in pixels, max 2000)
  • Grid?:      yes no                                  (adds lines along center lat/lon)

Most GPS receivers will display coordinates in decimal format. If you're starting with known coordinates in Degree/Minute/Seconds format, you must first convert to decimal. Enter the D/M/S numbers in the form below. Press Compute; the decimal values will appear in the form above (requires a Javascript-enabled web browser). The "(Reverse)" button converts the decimal values to D/M/S.

Latitude:    Deg Min Sec
Longitude: Deg Min Sec

The Grid option draws lines along the specified latitude and longitude, effectively placing a crosshairs at the coordinates. It also displays the coordinate numbers near the image borders, which is handy for future reference.

Plan to print? The grayscale images are often too dark to print out well. Lightened with an image editor, they're much better. Use proportions that match the aspect ratio and/or size of the printable area of a sheet of paper. 1024x768 is about right to completely fill a letter-size page.

Note: Not to be used for navigation. Data source: US Geological Survey. Online provider: Microsoft's TerraServer USA.

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