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Put Items in Your Cart
Anytime you see the button below throughout the zenithair.com site, click it to add the item to your "shopping cart".

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The item will automatically be added to your personal shopping cart.  
From your shopping cart, click on home or continue shopping to return to the previous page, or use the Back button on your web browser.
Any item in your shopping cart can easily be removed by either deleting the cart contents or by changing the item's quantity to 0 (zero).

Preview Your Order / Price Quote
From the bottom of your main shopping cart page use the next button anytime to see a current view of your pending order / price quote.  This is your Order Summary / Price Quote.

Prior to finalizing the Order Summary / Price Quote, the shopping system will ask for shipping details to determine applicable taxes:

  • Name and shipping address to determine applicable tax.
    This information will be saved for later reference.
  • Preferred shipping method.
    Select your preferred shipping method

Click the next button.  Your Price Quote / Order Summary will now be complete.  You can print the Price Quote / Order Summary for your reference, or:

Proceed to Payment Center
If you want to place the order online on our secure server, use the checkout button at the bottom of your Order Summary / Price Quote page.

Here, the shopping system will ask for billing information:

  • Kit Order Deposit
    You can choose to pay a deposit instead of the full amount for kit orders, with the balance payable prior to shipping.
  • Method of Payment
    Choose to pay by credit card online (Visa or MasterCard) or place the order online and mail in your payment. 
  • Billing Information
    Enter all relevant billing info (if same as shipping info, click the 'shortcut' button if you already entered all the shipping information).
  • Instructions or Comments
    Enter any notes and/or shipping instruction here.
  • Final Authorization
    Provide your final authorization to proceed with your order

Click the Place Order button at the bottom of the page to place the order online.

  • You will be redirected to the Order Confirmation page to show that your order has been sent by the secure server.
  • You will be emailed a copy of your order.
  • You can review your invoice online.


Read the instructions and messages at the top of every cart page. They will tell you what to do next. Then, find the cart functions menu at the bottom of the page. Click any of the buttons to move around the Shopping Cart instead of your browser back button.

Here's what the Functions do:

  • home
    This will take your browser back to our main page.
  • continue shopping
    This will take your browser back to the page you were viewing when you entered the Shopping Cart system.  You can also use your browser's back button
  • update quantity
    This will update any changes in quantities you make to the items in your shopping cart. Enter a zero or blank to remove an item from your cart. Enter a different quantity to change the quantity ordered for a particular item. Then click the update quantity button to record changes.
    Important: If you make any changes in quantities you must run the update quantity before you invoke the review order or checkout functions.
  • delete cart
    This will remove all items from your shopping cart.
  • edit cart
    This will return you to change the quantities of items currently in your shopping cart. If you edit any items, you need to use the update quantity function before you proceed to review order.
  • next
    This will show you an order summary for the items currently in your shopping cart. You may be prompted to enter information needed to calculate shipping, tax, etc. Then you will be able to view exact charges for your ordered items. This is just a preview, no billing occurs until you complete the payment information and a final invoice is displayed.
  • edit arrow, edit preview button
    This enables you to edit shipping or other information for your Order Summary.
  • checkout
    This will take you to the checkout center where you will be prompted to enter payment information. When your billing information is entered, then click on the place order button for final processing. Nothing is billed until you've entered all needed payment information.
  • place order
    After you enter all needed payment information, then click on this button to submit your payment for final processing. If you are missing needed information you'll get further instructions. Follow the messages and prompts, and re-submit until you have all needed information completed. When your payment information is correct and approved, a final invoice will be displayed. You should print your final invoice for your records.

    Note: This is the final processing request, and your payment will be processed.

Is Your Cart Working ?

If you are placing items into your cart, but they are not staying in your cart, then your browser may be rejecting cookies. To find out if your browser is rejecting cookies, place an item in your cart from anywhere on the site, and then click on the update quantity button. If your browser does not have cookies enabled, then you will be redirected to a page with an error message.

You'll need to enable cookies on your browser to use the shopping cart feature.

About the Shopping Cart and Cookies...

Our online store is a located throughout our website.  Anytime you see the button below next to an item, simply click the button to add the item to your "shopping cart."  

You can use the "shopping cart" to create a personalized price quote without actually placing an order online.  The online store uses "cookies" - this means that the online store keeps a record of your "shopping cart" items and you can come back to the store anytime in the future to add or remove products from your shopping cart. If your web browser does not support cookies (or if cookies are disabled) your shopping cart items will have to be re-entered each time you visit the online store. The cookie is a harmless reference number for your shopping cart items. The number is meaningless, and contains absolutely no information about you, your internet activities, email, or anything else. The number has meaning only to the shopping system while you are shopping.


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